Must to Watch this movies

Must to Watch this movies

La ronde (1950)

Carrying the signature of German director Max Ophüls, who deeply influenced the golden children of classical Hollywood and many important filmmakers of today, La ronde was again adapted to the cinema from the theater text of the famous Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler. Ophüls tells the story of 10 different characters from different social classes. We are involved in many stories about love, from a sex worker, to a soldier, from a business person to her partner. La Ronde, one of the films that have become the signature of Ophüls and the camera movements and the films where the scene has reached the top, won the Best Screenplay Award from the Venice Film Festival and received an Oscar nomination in the same category.

Daisies (1966)

Czech filmmaker Vera Chytilová is one of the most original names in her cinema career, which quickly reached the top with the 1966 Daisies in her cinema career in the beginning of the 60s, despite her thousands of difficulties. Daisies, which we can refer to as a surrealist comedy, promises an experience that looks very little like what we have seen so far, focusing on the life and effort of understanding young women, both of whom are Marie. Daisies was in the top 10 in the list prepared by the legendary cinema magazine Cahiers du Cinéma published in France for 1967.

F for Fake (1973)

Orson Welles, who started his career at the top and went down to the bottom as he denied the rules of Hollywood, reveals an amazing documentary called F for Fake in 1973 by continuing to produce films beyond his time. Welles, who tells the story of painter Elmy de Hory and writer Clifford Irving, who makes imitation difficult to distinguish from the original of the famous paintings, creates an essay film that also discusses the concepts of imitation and falsehood through this story. Welles movie, The Other Side of the Wind, was shot together with the director of photography of Gary Graver, Oja Kadar and François Reichenbach, who died before seeing the completion.

Firestarter (1984)

The production, which is adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephen King, and which is known by the director Mark L. Lester, who we know with his films close to the B movie fiction in the mainstream cinema, has a main character with telekinetic powers, just like King’s debut novel Carrie. Unlike Carrie, this time, Charlie, who has telekinetic powers according to the story centering a young girl and her family, is mysteriously kidnapped one day, her family will try to prevent Charlie from being a tool for evil ambitions … From the reference points of the ambitious Netflix series Strange Things and the movie, one of the inspirations of the Eleven character, is an essential 80s wonder for the fans of this series to watch.

A City of Sadness (1989)

Hou Hsiao-Hsien, master director in A City of Sadness, which started his camera in Taiwan in 1945 and finished the Japanese hegemony in the country and turned it into a turbulent period where the Chinese hegemony was established. The film focuses on the experiences of each member of the Lin Family, including the massacre on February 28, 1947, also known as the White Terror, and transmits the change that the country has undergone through a family. A City of Sadness is a true masterpiece and a masterpiece that won the Best Film Award at the Venice Film Festival for the year it was shown.

Spellbound (2002)

The answer to the question of how a great documentary can be produced from a spelling contest, Spellbound conveys the story of eight adolescent students who set out to win the national spelling contest in Washington, and who have completely taken the lead, with an unbelievable mastery and a delicate narrative. The film, which won the Best Documentary Award at the SXSW Film Festival in the year it was shown, also won an Oscar nomination in the Best Documentary category the same year.

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