What is Dead Pixel?

What is Dead Pixel?

The 21st century was the time when people combined technology with their lives and started using it in every area of ​​the day. With the introduction of technology into our lives, we have started to use many technological terms in our daily lives. One of these words is the term “dead pixel” that has entered our vocabulary with the display technologies that have developed in recent years.

What is Dead Pixel?

The dead pixel is the name of the pixel on the screens of the technological devices, which has lost its function and is unable to display. Dead pixel problem is generally seen on television, computer screens and mobile devices. If the dead pixels are made up of a few pixels in the technological tool used, it usually does not pose a major problem for the user and is ignored. However, dead pixels with a large area of ​​dead pixels may cause problems to the user regarding the use of the technological tool.

How To Detect Dead Pixels?

The easiest way to detect dead pixels is to cover the screen, considered a dead pixel, with a completely white image. Dead pixels can be detected easily because they cannot give white light. With a word, photoshop style program that you can open on your computer, you can detect dead pixels by covering the screen with white.

Why Does Dead Pixel Occur?

The main reason for the occurrence of dead pixels in technological devices with LCD or similar screen is that a component in the screen becomes inoperable. Although it is considered as the main reason for the formation of dead pixels, dead pixels may occur on the screens of the technological devices through the hardware. It is expected that there will be at least 3 dead pixels in the replacement of a technological product you purchase because of the dead pixel. Because few dead pixels do not affect the quality of use of the technological tool.

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