Best Surprise Finish Movies

Best Surprise Finish Movies

Let’s say that you can experience the great surprise when you watch the movies in the list of best surprise finite movies.

Best Surprise Finish Movies

1- Memento

Release Year: 2000
IMDb: 8.4

The screenplay of Memento, directed by Christopher Nolan, was also written by Christopher Nolan. Memento is an American thriller and psychological film released in 2000. The film focuses on Leonard’s efforts to take revenge on the murderer of his wife’s killer with illness.

2- Se7en

Release Year: 1995
IMDb: 8.6

The screenplay for the movie Se7en was written by Kevin Walker. The film is about the serial killer who killed the 7 deadly sins of Christianity in their own way and the two police detectives following him.

3- The Prestige

Release Year: 2006
IMDb: 8.5

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the 2006 movie The Prestige is a co-production of the US and the UK. The movie is based on Christopher Priest’s novel of the same name.

4- The Usual Suspects

Release Year: 1995
IMDb: 8.5

The Usual Suspects, written by Christopher McQuarrie and directed by Bryan Singer, appears as a 1995 US movie. The movie is about the story of a scammer who was taken to the police interrogation.

5- V for Vendetta

Release Year: 2005
IMDb: 8.2

V-Vendetta, the 2005 US-German medium production, had a lot of interest during its release. The film is about the awakening of the British people against the oppressive administration.

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