Movies We recommend you to watch from the 1900s

Movies We recommend you to watch from the 1900s

Shoes (1916)

This great classic of silent cinema is also very valuable as it is signed by Lois Weber, the first known female director of American cinema. In the film, which offers a strong social criticism, we watch the story of Eva, a member of the working class. Eva, no matter how hard she works, is never enough for her family, she starts sex work for a pair of shoes money. The original copy of the film was finally taken under protection in 2014.

Mon oncle (1958)

This most famous film of Jacques Tati, one of the most important names in French cinema, social comedy and stories of absurdity in life, focuses on one of his adventures, the famous character Monsieur Hulot. The character, which Tati first portrayed in 1953 by Monsieur Hulot – Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot, this time makes a visit to his modern family, who has become a prisoner of technological developments. Through the technology test of Hulot, Tati reveals a great critique of modernism that makes him laugh painfully. The film won an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and returned from the Cannes Film Festival with the Special Jury Prize.

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

This early classic of John Frankenheimer, the master name of American cinema, which fits many masterpieces into his career that he started in the 60s, contains an extremely harsh narrative about the anti-communist propaganda of the period. In the film, which focuses on the story of two former gunmates, Bennett Marco and Raymond Shaw, who took part in the Korean War, Marco constantly sees the same nightmares and pursues a terrible paranoia they lived there but could no longer remember: What happened to them in the war? Is his friend, Shaw, a brainwashed communist agent? This unique political thriller, which once echoed a lot and was re-cycled by Jonathan Demme in 2004, brought Frankenheimer a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Director category.

Fantastic Planet (1973)

Set in a distant universe on a planet called Ygam, led by giant aliens called Draag, this René Laloux movie focuses on the revolt of human-looking beings who are seen as a kind of slave on this planet. The awakening of a woman on the planet, where knowledge is more precious than anything else, will cause others to follow … This animation masterpiece, which is produced by an extraordinary imagination, made entirely with hand drawings and lasted for five years, created queues in front of the cinemas in the year it was released in France.

Epidemic (1987)

Epidemic, the movie of the years that Danish director Lars von Trier has repeatedly harshly criticized Europe with his films that seem like dark nightmares, focuses on the imagination of a screenwriter and a director. The duo working on a movie that is writhing in the grip of a terrible epidemic in Europe, loses the boundary between reality and the film over time… The film, which is the proof of how extraordinary director Lars von Trier was once, has a unique narrative and atmosphere. The film is also the second film of the European Trilogy, including the Director’s Crime – Forbrydelsens element (1984) and Europe – Europa (1991).

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